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Date Tournament Round Motion
2011-10-28 UCD VP 1 THW outsource the capture of elusive criminals to bounty-hunters.
2011-10-28 UCD VP 2 THBT Ireland should create constituencies, elected by people who emigrate from Ireland
2011-10-28 UCD VP 3 THW grant aboriginal peoples copyrights over depictions of their culture.
2011-10-28 UCD VP 4 THW allow the families of dead people to sue for libel on their behalf
2011-10-28 UCD VP 5 THBT it is legitimate for politicians to lie to the electorate about their real views.
2011-10-28 UCD VP Open_Semis THW grant minors the right to euthanasia regardless of parental consent.
2011-10-28 UCD VP Open_Final Regardless of the relative efficiency of various economic systems, THBT meritocracy is a just way of allocating resources.