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Date Tournament Round Motion
2021-03-21 UCL IV 1 THW require all isolated religious communities [e.g. Hasidic Jews] to give all 18-year olds a 'Rumspringa'
2021-03-21 UCL IV 2 THW impose carbon taxes on individuals
2021-03-21 UCL IV 3 THR the glorification of sports in schools and universities
2021-03-21 UCL IV 4 THBT Abiy Ahmed should allow Tigray to secede from Ethiopia and form an independent state
2021-03-21 UCL IV 5 THBT courts should break up consistently dominant political parties
2021-03-21 UCL IV Open_Semi THBT the state should not fund any works of art or performances that the average citizen would not recognize as having artistic merit
2021-03-21 UCL IV Open_Final THBT the scientist should use the machine to clone themselves
2021-03-21 UCL IV ProAm_Final THBT governments in developing countries should mandate monthly salaries for homemakers
2014-03-15 UCL IV 1 TH regrets the creation of shows like 'teen mom' and '16 and pregnant'
2014-03-15 UCL IV 2 TH supports Israel’s targeted assassinations of prominent members of Hamas
2014-03-15 UCL IV 3 THW suspend trade unions and labour protection laws at times of economic crisis
2014-03-15 UCL IV 4 THW require all isolated communities to have a rumspringa
2014-03-15 UCL IV Open_Semis TH welcomes the rise of anarcho-populism
2014-03-15 UCL IV Open_Final On the condition that gangs fulfil basic social needs (such as basic healthcare, education and sanitation), THW cease to combat the gangs and their trade in favelas
2013-03-16 UCL IV 1 THW legalise the private sale of organs
2013-03-16 UCL IV 2 TH, as a feminist parent, would deliberately undermine its child's gender.
2013-03-16 UCL IV 3 TH welcomes the creation of strong forms of artificial intelligence
2013-03-16 UCL IV 4 THB that it is morally permissible to target civilians in times of war
2013-03-16 UCL IV Open_Semis THBT American politicians should not use the language of American Exceptionalism
2013-03-16 UCL IV Open_Final TH Regrets the rise of Reality Television