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Date Tournament Round Motion
2016-10-08 UCL President’s Cup 1 TH supports the creation of wethouses.
2016-10-08 UCL President’s Cup 2 TH believes that major political decisions should be made by parliament rather than a public referendum.
2016-10-08 UCL President’s Cup 3 TH believes that states should make developmental aid contingent on the human rights record of the recipient country.
2016-10-08 UCL President’s Cup 4 TH would impose fines on public acts of climate change denial.
2016-10-08 UCL President’s Cup Non_Schools_Final TH supports the creation of grammar schools.
2016-10-08 UCL President’s Cup Open_Semis TH supports Wikileaks continuing to publish the documents it acquires, even if they reveal private information about civilians.
2016-10-08 UCL President’s Cup Open_Final TH would allow soldiers to opt-out from military missions on the basis of conscience.
2014-10-10 UCL President’s Cup 1 THW impose a tax on unhealthy foods
2014-10-10 UCL President’s Cup 2 TH believes that animal rights activists should launch a campaign of sabotage and property destruction to further the cause of animal rights.
2014-10-10 UCL President’s Cup 3 THW legalise the buying and selling of sexual services
2014-10-10 UCL President’s Cup 4 TH, as a parent with the financial means to do so, would not send their child to private school
2014-10-10 UCL President’s Cup Novice_Final THW make voting compulsory
2014-10-10 UCL President’s Cup Open_Semis THW only imprison individuals who have committed violent crimes and pose a continuing threat to society
2014-10-10 UCL President’s Cup Open_Final TH regrets the characterisation of soldiers as heroes
2012-10-13 UCL President’s Cup 1 THBT adults who are not on the organ donor list should not be eligible to receive organ transplants
2012-10-13 UCL President’s Cup 2 THBT players who are found to have racially abused their fellow competitors should be banned for life
2012-10-13 UCL President’s Cup 3 THW ban the depiction of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)
2012-10-13 UCL President’s Cup 4 THW prefer US Presidential candidates to be selected exclusively by party elites
2012-10-13 UCL President’s Cup Open_Final THBT the LGBT Movement Should Not Out Homosexual Politicians That Publicly Profess Homophobic Views