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Date Tournament Round Motion
2013-11-29 UCU Open 1 THW, assuming it were feasible to enforce, support a global inheritance tax of 100% on all cash and assets beyond the first €5000 (and substantial taxes on high-value gifts during one's lifetime)
2013-11-29 UCU Open 2 THBT the citizens of countries under military occupation of a western liberal democracy should be granted the right to vote in the elections of that occupying state!
2013-11-29 UCU Open 3 THW give men more paid parental leave than women and force them to take it
2013-11-29 UCU Open 4 THW allow people (including companies) to give the police money in exchange for new or increased efforts in a specified area of legitimate law enforcement
2013-11-29 UCU Open 5 THW place a sin tax to low-brow entertainment in order to subsidize high-brow art
2013-11-29 UCU Open Open_Semis THW appoint a group of relevant charities (e.g. Environmental charities) to cast votes in general elections on behalf of future citizens
2013-11-29 UCU Open Open_Final You are a dutch person. THBT you should campaign against Zwarte Piet and should routinely condemn it as a racist institution
2012-11-02 UCU Open 1 THW Remove All UEFA's Limits on Football Club Spending (which includes transfer and salaries).
2012-11-02 UCU Open 2 THBT the European Union should guarantee membership to regions of member states that secede from their parent state.
2012-11-02 UCU Open 3 THW fund hymen reconstruction.
2012-11-02 UCU Open 4 TH Regrets the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.
2012-11-02 UCU Open 5 THBT MGM Film Studios should cast a woman as the next James Bond.
2012-11-02 UCU Open Open_Semis THBT Japanese Leaders are justified in honouring the Yasukuni War Shrines.
2012-11-02 UCU Open Open_Final You are a Liberal leaning journalist covering the White House, you have received exclusive and indisputable evidence that during his college years Barack Obama had an active gay sexual life, THW Publish the Story.
2011-11-04 UCU Open 1 THBT the USA should stop its military support of Taiwan
2011-11-04 UCU Open 2 THBT the state has a duty to provide free, unlimited and uncensored access to the Internet at every home
2011-11-04 UCU Open 3 THW legalise all forms of hatespeech
2011-11-04 UCU Open 4 THW still pronounce a verdict for civil cases which have been settled out of court
2011-11-04 UCU Open 5 THBT each country has a duty to limit population growth
2011-11-04 UCU Open Open_Semis You are the commander of an Israeli submarine in the Persian Gulf. It is the day after Israel was annihilated in a surprise Iranian nuclear attack: THW not use Israel's second strike capabilities
2011-11-04 UCU Open Open_Final THW halt all state-sponsored efforts to integrate immigrants into society