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Date Tournament Round Motion
2016-03-04 UL Open 2016 1 THW replace means tested welfare with a regular, unconditional and Universal Basic Income paid by the State to all residents.
2016-03-04 UL Open 2016 2 THW Allow convicts who are parents to raise their children in prison.
2016-03-04 UL Open 2016 3 THB School History curricula should teach a unanimously and graphically negative account of the impacts of Western colonialism.
2016-03-04 UL Open 2016 4 The Pirate bay is a website where users illegally download copyrighted material such as music, films and video games. Attempts have been made by numerous governments to shut it down. TH Supports the Pirate Bay.
2016-03-04 UL Open 2016 5 THW Ban all advertising.
2016-03-04 UL Open 2016 Open_Semis THW Celebrate Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road as a feminist Icon.
2016-03-04 UL Open 2016 Open_Final TH rejects the right to privacy.
2014-03-07 UL Open 1 THW legalise all drugs
2014-03-07 UL Open 2 THW ban all political parties
2014-03-07 UL Open 3 THB that in times of war, the state should conscript a military by means of a draft lottery
2014-03-07 UL Open 4 THW abolish the welfare state
2014-03-07 UL Open 5 THW open all borders
2014-03-07 UL Open Open_Semis TH regrets the demise of the Soviet Union
2014-03-07 UL Open Open_Final THB in the virtue of a disproportionate response
2013-03-01 UL Open 1 THW allow parents of children with Klüver-Bucy syndrome to sterilise those children
2013-03-01 UL Open 2 THW make access to museums art exhibitions concerts etc. attractions free for people earning less than a certain wage
2013-03-01 UL Open 3 THW prohibit films about historical or political events,or those of a biographical nature, unless produced as documentaries
2013-03-01 UL Open 4 THB former colonial powers should maintain a presence in former colonies,in the interest of benefiting those colonies
2013-03-01 UL Open 5 THB emphasis on the depiction of the "normal" female body is no more empowerment than equal emphasis on the "perfect" female body