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Date Tournament Round Motion
2013-11-08 Vienna Freshers 1 THW not publicly fund universities
2013-11-08 Vienna Freshers 2 THBT individuals with bad personal lifestyles (that influence their health) should pay more for their health insurance
2013-11-08 Vienna Freshers 3 In the European Union, asylum seekers can only apply for asylum in the country they first enter. They cannot reapply nor be reallocated to another EU country. Motion: THBT the EU should divide up asylum seekers amongst its member states proportional to member states' GDP per cap
2013-11-08 Vienna Freshers 4 THBT women activists in Saudi Arabia should not drive cars in their protest against the ban
2013-11-08 Vienna Freshers Open_Semis THBT individuals should pass a parenting test before having children
2013-11-08 Vienna Freshers Open_Final TH supports the US continuing its surveillance practices on global political leaders
2012-11-10 Vienna Freshers 1 THW ban smoking entirely
2012-11-10 Vienna Freshers 2 THBT there should be obligatory equal parental leave for women and men
2012-11-10 Vienna Freshers 3 THW prosecute violent fouls as criminal assault
2012-11-10 Vienna Freshers 4 THBT testing on animals is immoral
2012-11-10 Vienna Freshers Open_Final THBT state funded space programs are a waste of tax payers' money