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Date Tournament Round Motion
2013-11-02 Welsh Novices 1 THW Legalise licensed brothels
2013-11-02 Welsh Novices 2 THW, as the EU, suspend the membership of any nation that elects extremist parties
2013-11-02 Welsh Novices 3 THW ban all resit exams
2013-11-02 Welsh Novices 4 The Russian state systematically oppresses its LGBTQI+ community: Homosexual couples can be prosecuted for displaying their sexuality and the police often refuse to prevent violence towards LGBTQI+ people. Motion: TH, as a heterosexual winter Olympian, would not attend the Sochi Winter Olympics
2013-11-02 Welsh Novices Open_Final THBT the police should have unrestricted access to the personal online data of everybody, including email, web history and private content on social media
2012-11-03 Welsh Novices 1 THW not allow anybody under the age of 18 to leave school without first having passed all of their exams
2012-11-03 Welsh Novices 2 THW institute gender and racial quotas in all government cabinets
2012-11-03 Welsh Novices 3 THW only intervene in arab uprisings if guaranteed preferential economic agreements in return
2012-11-03 Welsh Novices 4 THW Make it a criminal offence to know of a crime and not report it
2012-11-03 Welsh Novices Open_Final THBT pieces of major social legislation, notably gay marriage, should be passed only by referendum