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Date Tournament Round Motion
2014-08-09 Westminster IV 1 THBT state health care providers should offer and fund faith-based treatment options.
2014-08-09 Westminster IV 2 THW allow the homeless to seize long-term unoccupied properties.
2014-08-09 Westminster IV 3 TH supports the recasting of male action heroes and superheroes as female.
2014-08-09 Westminster IV 4 TH believes that populist parties (such as UKIP, theTea Party Movement and the 5 Star movement) are good for democracy.
2014-08-09 Westminster IV 5 TH would implement the death penalty for crimes against humanity.
2014-08-09 Westminster IV Open_Final TH as an Israeli would refuse to join the Israel Defence Force.
2013-07-06 ULU Westminster IV 1 THBT Greece should ban the Golden Dawn party.
2013-07-06 ULU Westminster IV 2 THW force universities to make all their lectures available for free online
2013-07-06 ULU Westminster IV 3 TH regrets the rise of mega-rich football clubs (such as Chelsea, Manchester City, PSG, Monaco, Anzhi M. etc)
2013-07-06 ULU Westminster IV 4 THBT Barack Hussein Obama should call off the prosecution of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden
2013-07-06 ULU Westminster IV 5 THW give extra votes to young adults
2013-07-06 ULU Westminster IV Open_Final THW offer EU membership to Middle Eastern and North African states that achieve successful democratic transition