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Date Tournament Round Motion
2015-11-07 Westminster Open 2015 1 THW ban cosmetic surgery
2015-11-07 Westminster Open 2015 2 THBT African countries should adopt English as the principal language of instruction in schools
2015-11-07 Westminster Open 2015 3 THW only fund medicine based on its impact on Quality Adjusted Life Years (with info slide)
2015-11-07 Westminster Open 2015 4 TH, as the West, would cooperate with Russia in its military intervention in Syria (with info slide)
2015-11-07 Westminster Open 2015 Novice_Final THBT the media should not report on the private lives of politicians
2015-11-07 Westminster Open 2015 Open_Semis THBT female game designers should prioritise over everything else the creation of female characters
2015-11-07 Westminster Open 2015 Open_Finals THW ban scientific research into the genetics of race
2014-12-06 Westminster Open 1 THW base monetary criminal fines primarily on the income of the perpetrator rather than the severity of the crime
2014-12-06 Westminster Open 2 THBT the EU should abandon its commitment to the principle of open borders between member states.
2014-12-06 Westminster Open 3 THBT feminists should support the HeForShe movement.
2014-12-06 Westminster Open 4 THBT it is in ASEAN's long term best interests to seek closer ties with China rather than the U.S.A.
2014-12-06 Westminster Open 5 THBT the music press should aggressively negatively depict the work of artists, such as John Lennon and Jimmy Page who commit morally reprehensible acts.
2014-12-06 Westminster Open Novice_Final THW ban religious charities from proselytising in the developing world.
2014-12-06 Westminster Open Open_Semis THS the decision of pop stars such as Lily Allen and Adele to not take part in Band Aid
2014-12-06 Westminster Open Open_Final THW grant an amnesty to those who commit crimes during US race riots so long as they meet the following criteria: 1. They were motivated by a desire to fight social injustice, 2. If property is targeted, it belongs to the apparatus of the state (for example, police cars and government buildings.