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Date Tournament Round Motion
2021-03-13 Yale IV 1 THBT progressive feminists should embrace shunned ‘patriarchal’ dating norms (e.g. placing the onus on men to make the first move, letting men pay for dates, pushing men to confirm the exclusivity/commitment of a relationship, etc.)
2021-03-13 Yale IV 2 THBT the journalists should portray right-wing extremist groups critically rather than empathetically (e.g. focusing on their harmful actions, emphasising the impact on those opposed to them rather than trying to interview extremists and portraying their perspectives, etc.)
2021-03-13 Yale IV 3 THBT the Japanese government should repeal Article 9 of the Constitution.
2021-03-13 Yale IV 4 THBT the provision of loans in times of economic crisis by global institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Central Bank (ECB) should not be conditioned on meeting fiscal policy criteria determined by these institutions, such as reductions in government budgets and changes to tax rates and regulations.
2021-03-13 Yale IV 5 THW prohibit the payment of ransoms by governments or individuals
2021-03-13 Yale IV ESL_Final THW allow deaf parents to specifically select deaf over hearing embryos in utero
2021-03-13 Yale IV Novice_Final THP a world without the existence of the elixir
2021-03-13 Yale IV Open_Octa THBT indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest should undertake acts of vigilantism against poachers and illegal loggers.
2021-03-13 Yale IV Open_Quarter TH, as the SNP, would focus and campaign around economic growth initiatives (e.g. drawing in foreign MNCs, making investment more attractive domestically, etc.) rather than on its current pro-independence focus.
2021-03-13 Yale IV Open_Final THS the narrative that all people are redeemable
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 1 This House would remove quarterly reporting requirements for publicly traded companies
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 2 This House believes that prominent institutions in marginalized communities (churches, schools, community centres, etc.) should practice the politics of respectability
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 3 This House supports the US's use of economic warfare (tariffs, targeted sanctions, etc.) against China in order to force compliance with the rules of the global neoliberal economic order (opening up its economy, protecting intellectual property, not engaging in currency manipulation, etc.)
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 4 This House would remove all health restrictions for prospective adoptive parents
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 5 This House believes that developing countries should never commit to having their sovereign debt disputes settled by courts in foreign countries
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 6 In countries with vigorously contested campaign contribution regulations, this House believes that the political left should not contest the premise that money is speech and should, instead, contest how that speech is regulated
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 Novice_Final This House believes that the horrors of history are incompatible with a belief in a Judeo-Christian God
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 Open_Quarters In a plurality of cases, this House believes that the "me too" movement should, on balance, prioritize a path towards redemption over retribution
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 Open_Semis In legal systems where constitutional courts practice judicial review, this House would apply the "no precedential effect rule" to judgments by single judge margins
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 Open_Final This House would legalize and train sex workers specifically to work with disabled people
2016-11-06 Yale IV 1 THW abolish all occupational licensing.
2016-11-06 Yale IV 2 THBT western nations fighting the Islamic state should commit to the creation of an independent Kurdish state.
2016-11-06 Yale IV 3 This house believes that religious officials (e.g. priests, imams, rabbis) should not make statements in support of political policies, parties, or candidates.
2016-11-06 Yale IV 4 TH supports the continued remilitarization of Japan.
2016-11-06 Yale IV 5 THB that all museums, galleries, and cultural institutions should offer to return exhibits to their countries/communities of origin.
2016-11-06 Yale IV 6 THW nationalize credit rating agencies.
2016-11-06 Yale IV Novice_Semis THBT identity-based social movements should prioritize the majority population's acceptance of that identity over preservation of a distinct culture.
2016-11-06 Yale IV Novice_Finals TH fears the development of independent artificial intelligence.
2016-11-06 Yale IV Open_Quarters THBT a rise in global oil prices is in the interest of the West.
2016-11-06 Yale IV Open_Semis THS supreme court rulings based on natural rights not enumerated in constitutions.
2016-11-06 Yale IV Open_Final TH believes in God.
2015-10-02 Yale IV 1 THW ban religious K-12 schools
2015-10-02 Yale IV 2 THBT voters should be able to override the votes of their elected representatives on individual bills by two-thirds or greater referendum.
2015-10-02 Yale IV 3 THBT developed nations should pay reparations to developing nations that have experienced significant adverse consequences from climate change
2015-10-02 Yale IV 4 TH rejects the media's intentional humanization of those responsible for heinous acts or crimes.
2015-10-02 Yale IV 5 THBT the US should join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
2015-10-02 Yale IV 6 Given the existence of a drug that dramatically increases mental capacity, THBT universities should ban and test for student use of the drug.
2015-10-02 Yale IV Novice_Finals THBT American feminists have an obligation to vote for a female presidential candidate.
2015-10-02 Yale IV Open_Quarters THW not vote for protest candidates in primary elections.
2015-10-02 Yale IV Open_Semis THW legalize graffiti in public spaces
2015-10-02 Yale IV Open_Finals THBT the EU should offer Greece full debt relief in exchange for its housing at least 200,000 Syrian refugees.
2014-10-06 Yale IV 1 THO the American charter school movement
2014-10-06 Yale IV 2 THW cooperate with any leader or regime to defeat non-state actors that systematically violate human rights
2014-10-06 Yale IV 3 THR the rise of dating and other websites that allow individuals to rate others based on past romantic interactions (e.g. Lulu)
2014-10-06 Yale IV 4 THBT institutional art credentials are bad for art
2014-10-06 Yale IV 5 TH, as an emerging democracy, would suppress domestic media providers in favour of international media providers
2014-10-06 Yale IV 6 THBT universities and other stakeholders should primarily consider teaching ability rather than research outputs when awarding tenure and allocating academic funding
2014-10-06 Yale IV Open_Quarters THW facilitate religious prosletysation in areas of high socio-economic deprivation
2014-10-06 Yale IV Open_Semis THS the use of forced population transfers that create separate, ethnically homogenous states as a solution to prolonged ethnic conflict
2014-10-06 Yale IV Open_Finals THBT, in the face of police repression, protesters have a right to non-lethal, but violent, proportional retaliation
2013-10-06 Yale IV 1 THB that teachers of history should deliberately overemphasize the contributions of marginalized groups.
2013-10-06 Yale IV 2 THBT for certain criminal offenses, torture is a just punishment.
2013-10-06 Yale IV 3 THBT oil exporting Islamic states should enact embargoes against states that pass laws discriminating against Muslims.
2013-10-06 Yale IV 4 THW require all low wage employees of large corporations to be unionized.
2013-10-06 Yale IV 5 THS the overthrow of democratically elected, authoritarian heads of state.
2013-10-06 Yale IV Novice_Finals THBT individuals should experiment with mind altering hallucinogenic drugs.
2013-10-06 Yale IV Open_Quarters THBT it would be principally just for a state that is unable to provide a social safety net to allow a greatly impoverished individual to sell themselves into slavery.
2013-10-06 Yale IV Open_Semis THBT countries should be required to post territory as collateral to receive IMF bailout funds.
2013-10-06 Yale IV Open_Finals In cases where individuals are convicted of leaking state secrets, THW allow their convictions to be nullified by a national referendum.