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Date Tournament Round Motion
2016-11-06 Yale IV 1 THW abolish all occupational licensing.
2016-11-06 Yale IV 2 THBT western nations fighting the Islamic state should commit to the creation of an independent Kurdish state.
2016-11-06 Yale IV 3 This house believes that religious officials (e.g. priests, imams, rabbis) should not make statements in support of political policies, parties, or candidates.
2016-11-06 Yale IV 4 TH supports the continued remilitarization of Japan.
2016-11-06 Yale IV 5 THB that all museums, galleries, and cultural institutions should offer to return exhibits to their countries/communities of origin.
2016-11-06 Yale IV 6 THW nationalize credit rating agencies.
2016-11-06 Yale IV Novice_Semis THBT identity-based social movements should prioritize the majority population's acceptance of that identity over preservation of a distinct culture.
2016-11-06 Yale IV Novice_Finals TH fears the development of independent artificial intelligence.
2016-11-06 Yale IV Open_Quarters THBT a rise in global oil prices is in the interest of the West.
2016-11-06 Yale IV Open_Semis THS supreme court rulings based on natural rights not enumerated in constitutions.
2016-11-06 Yale IV Open_Final TH believes in God.
2015-10-02 Yale IV 1 THW ban religious K-12 schools
2015-10-02 Yale IV 2 THBT voters should be able to override the votes of their elected representatives on individual bills by two-thirds or greater referendum.
2015-10-02 Yale IV 3 THBT developed nations should pay reparations to developing nations that have experienced significant adverse consequences from climate change
2015-10-02 Yale IV 4 TH rejects the media's intentional humanization of those responsible for heinous acts or crimes.
2015-10-02 Yale IV 5 THBT the US should join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
2015-10-02 Yale IV 6 Given the existence of a drug that dramatically increases mental capacity, THBT universities should ban and test for student use of the drug.
2015-10-02 Yale IV Novice_Finals THBT American feminists have an obligation to vote for a female presidential candidate.
2015-10-02 Yale IV Open_Quarters THW not vote for protest candidates in primary elections.
2015-10-02 Yale IV Open_Semis THW legalize graffiti in public spaces
2015-10-02 Yale IV Open_Finals THBT the EU should offer Greece full debt relief in exchange for its housing at least 200,000 Syrian refugees.
2014-10-06 Yale IV 1 THO the American charter school movement
2014-10-06 Yale IV 2 THW cooperate with any leader or regime to defeat non-state actors that systematically violate human rights
2014-10-06 Yale IV 3 THR the rise of dating and other websites that allow individuals to rate others based on past romantic interactions (e.g. Lulu)
2014-10-06 Yale IV 4 THBT institutional art credentials are bad for art
2014-10-06 Yale IV 5 TH, as an emerging democracy, would suppress domestic media providers in favour of international media providers
2014-10-06 Yale IV 6 THBT universities and other stakeholders should primarily consider teaching ability rather than research outputs when awarding tenure and allocating academic funding
2014-10-06 Yale IV Open_Quarters THW facilitate religious prosletysation in areas of high socio-economic deprivation
2014-10-06 Yale IV Open_Semis THS the use of forced population transfers that create separate, ethnically homogenous states as a solution to prolonged ethnic conflict
2014-10-06 Yale IV Open_Finals THBT, in the face of police repression, protesters have a right to non-lethal, but violent, proportional retaliation
2013-10-06 Yale IV 1 THB that teachers of history should deliberately overemphasize the contributions of marginalized groups.
2013-10-06 Yale IV 2 THBT for certain criminal offenses, torture is a just punishment.
2013-10-06 Yale IV 3 THBT oil exporting Islamic states should enact embargoes against states that pass laws discriminating against Muslims.
2013-10-06 Yale IV 4 THW require all low wage employees of large corporations to be unionized.
2013-10-06 Yale IV 5 THS the overthrow of democratically elected, authoritarian heads of state.
2013-10-06 Yale IV Novice_Finals THBT individuals should experiment with mind altering hallucinogenic drugs.
2013-10-06 Yale IV Open_Quarters THBT it would be principally just for a state that is unable to provide a social safety net to allow a greatly impoverished individual to sell themselves into slavery.
2013-10-06 Yale IV Open_Semis THBT countries should be required to post territory as collateral to receive IMF bailout funds.
2013-10-06 Yale IV Open_Finals In cases where individuals are convicted of leaking state secrets, THW allow their convictions to be nullified by a national referendum.