Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

This house supports the creation and use of Lethal Autonomous Robots (Lethal Autonomous Robots are fully autonomous military weapons that can select and engage targets without human intervention).

Tallin EUDC 2017 / 9 / 2017-08-13

This house believes that the criminal justice system should not consider retribution as a factor in sentencing.

HWS Round Robin 2018 / 1 / 2019-12-01

This house believes US immigration policy should only prioritise merit-based standards of acceptance over the reunification of families.

Oxford IV / 2 / 2015-11-13

THW require that any houses or apartments left vacant for six months or more be surrendered to the State.

Cambridge IV / 4 / 2014-11-21

That, as a promising university graduate, we should opt to make the largest amount of money possible and donate it to charities instead of directly working in social fields.

Karachi Debate Open / 1 / 2020-09-05

THW ban pornography

Iasi BP Open / 3 / 2012-11-18

THBT publicly funded universities should be required to reduce enrolment in degree programs within their university that have statistically poor employment outcomes

Riga IV / 1 / 2016-12-10

THW go on a treasure hunt

Zeit Debatte Frankfurt / 4 / 2013-11-22

This house believes that in post colonial countries, land confiscated by colonial powers should be seized by the state without compensation.

NZ Easters 2018 / 7 / 2018-03-31

THP a world in which social media platforms use paid subscriptions rather than collect and monetize users' data

Axiom Debate Open 2020 / 1 / 2020-04-27