Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

TH, as the feminist movement, would choose to glorify traditionally feminine traits (e.g. motherliness, politeness, gracefulness, etc.) instead of traditionally masculine ones (e.g. assertiveness, bluntness, aggressiveness, etc.).

USC IV / 2 / 2021-02-27

THW set ethnic quota per school

Dutch Novice Cup / 3 / 2011-12-17

THBT liberals should refrain from using terms such as bigot, racist, sexist etc to describe people or positions they disagree with

THBT states should actively promote religion in areas with high poverty

THBT it is in the interest of the feminist movement to boycott Kpop

THBT an EU institution should block websites in EU member states that use negative racial/ethnic/religious stereotypes

Budapest Open / Open_Final / 2013-03-01

This House believes that the rise in illegal downloading and streaming services has been beneficial to the world of music.

Nottingham Trent Open 2018 / 2 / 2018-04-28

THB the Irish state should pay reparations to all female citizens who lived during the period in which Magdalene Laundries were operational

Trinity IV / Open_Quarters / 2014-01-24

That we prefer a world where the internet never existed

Karachi Debate Open / Novice_Semi / 2020-09-05

This house believes that the criminal law should not distinguish an attempt to commit a crime from successfully committing a crime.

NZ Easters 2018 / 8 / 2018-03-31