Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

TH regrets the annual commemoration of past wars

Yorkshire Novices / 2 / 2013-11-23

THW replace the ICC with regional courts to prosecute crimes against humanity

THW not admit immigrants who actively (strongly?) oppose the norms of the host society

Cicero Toernooi / ProAm_Final / 2013-11-23

THBT progressive social movements should primarily use class consciousness as a rallying mechanism, rather than focusing on racial identity

Deree Invitational / Open_Final / 2020-11-21

THW prohibit religious institutions from considering applicants’ religious affiliation for any position whose primary function is not the performance of religious rites (e.g., administrators, teachers, fundraisers, etc.).

HWS Round Robin / 5 / 2015-04-19

THW allow parents to remove their children from sex education classes.

In cities with scarce housing availability THW reallocate funds intended for building or subsidizing affordable housing to providing the means for those in need to relocate to different cities with lower costs of living.

Hart House IV 2019 / 2 / 2019-10-04

THW abolish all immigration restrictions other than those required for national security.

NAMDA Novice Cup / 3 / 2013-10-26

THW make the punishment for crimes of theft inversely proportional to the wealth of the victim (approximation)

Dutch Open / Novice_Final / 2012-03-30

TH approves of the USA's policy of extra-judicial killing of terrorists.

Manchester IV / 4 / 2013-02-23