Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

THW construct brothels on military bases

Imperial Open / 4 / 2013-10-26

This House opposes the continued progress towards deep global economic integration (e.g. very low tariffs and free movement of capital and labour across borders).

THBT Japan should re-develop offensive military capabilities.

McMaster Pro-Am / Open_Semis / 2014-11-24

THBT the LGBT movement should abandon the claim that sexuality is not a choice

LSE Open / 4 / 2014-02-15

Given the existence of a drug that eliminates fear with minimal to no side effects, THW let soldiers opt into using it.

Chancellor's Cup (Queen's University) / Open_Finals / 2015-10-30

This House believes that sports leagues should significantly tax and redistribute from wealthier teams to poorer teams

Dutch WUDC 2017 / 3 / 2017-01-01

TH supports the implementation of a global Robin Hood tax

IDAS / 7 / 2011-11-25

THB that people who give HIV to others must pay drug support.

Assumption WUDC 2008 / Open_Final / 2008-01-01

This House would force religious adoption agencies to place children with homosexual couples.

Assumption WUDC 2008 / ESL_Quarters / 2008-01-01

THBT the education system should promote expectations according to the students’ realistic potential, ability and social status

English Cup / 2 / 2013-12-01