Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

THBT Google should inform the authorities about suicide searches

Cambridge IV / ESL_Semis / 2014-11-21

THBT when systemically important financial institutions are in need of financial assistance during recessions, creditors, rather than the government, should be liable

Mexican Open / 2 / 2017-12-23

THBT Science Is Holding Back Humanity

John Smith Memorial Mace Final / Open_Final / 2012-03-30

This house believes that the USA should fund military action by private intermediaries (e.g. paramilitary groups, private military contractors, vigilante groups) against drug cartels in other countries in the Americas.

THW require artists to obtain permission from the subject/muse of a work of art prior to its release

UCD Vice-President’s Cup / 2 / 2012-10-27

TH regrets the bombing of Japan in Worldwar II

SOAS Open / Open_Final / 2012-07-21

THW withhold government funding from indigenous bands or tribal councils that do not have a democratic form of government.

NAUDC (also Hart House IV) / 2 / 2013-03-11

THBT women should reject practices that alter the appearance of their genitalia, such as waxing and labiaplasty

Chennai WUDC 2014 / Open_Semis / 2014-01-01

THBT international news organizations should report equally on all geographic regions to all audiences.

Chancellor's Cup (Queen's University) / Open_Semis / 2014-11-01

THBT ICC should forcefeed detainees going on hunger strike.

Belgrade Open 2016 / 2 / 2016-10-28