Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

This house believes that educational institutions should never attempt to restrict the freedom of expression of students or staff (except when mandated by law)

Cambridge IV / 5 / 2015-11-20

THBT high school English classes should teach popular contemporary works (e.g., J. K. Rowling) rather than classics (e.g., Shakespeare).

HK WSDC / 3 / 2021-02-13

This House regrets the culture of fearing death

UADC 2021 / 5 / 2021-10-01

TH, as the US, would ban TikTok regardless of whether they comply with the data restructuring demands

Over concerns of data privacy, the White House has imposed a Sept. 20 deadline for China based ByteDance (owner of the short video sharing app Tiktok) to come up with a plan to sell the video app’s U.S. operations or be banned by the 29th of September. Bytedance rejected Microsoft’s bid to buy TikTok’s U.S. operations and instead chose Oracle to become TikTok’s U.S. technology partner. It is unclear whether the White House will accept ByteDance's data restructuring proposal once the deadline is reached.

The Grand Spar: September / 3 / 2020-09-01

THBT all corporations should become cooperatives owned and operated by the workers

IDAS Tournament / 5 / 2013-11-29

TH believes that states should make developmental aid contingent on the human rights record of the recipient country.

UCL President’s Cup / 3 / 2016-10-08

It is 5 July 1914. THW, as the German Reich, issue the Austrian-Hungarian empire a “blank check” on how to deal with the conflict with Serbia

TH, as a major tech company, would make all of their software open source

Open source software is software whose code is open to the public to view, distribute, study, and modify. Individual modifications can be sent to some central authority and be accepted into the code base or rejected (e.g. the company that manages the software and created the original version). A large amount of development on open source software projects is in the form of changes proposed and written by programmers that are independent of the organization centrally managing the code base. Examples include Linux & Android operating systems, the Firefox & Chromium web browsers, TabbyCat.

Cornell Novice Nationals / 4 / 2021-02-20

TH, as the Republican Party, would publicly support Donald Trump's refusal to concede the 2020 Presidential Elections

Idea Lite / 3 / 2020-11-21

THBT televised debates between the leaders of major parties before general elections do more harm than good.

The QUB Open / 5 / 2016-10-28