Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

THW expand baby hatches in China

Aberdeen Open / 2 / 2014-04-19

This house would create an international court with the ability to classify national debt as “Odious Debt” at the debtor nation’s request and remove the obligation of that nation to pay.

Mexico WUDC 2018 / Open_Semis / 2018-01-01

THBT when a company conducts any business in a developed nation, that nation should enforce its domestic environmental regulations at all stages of that company's supply chain (including suppliers and sub-contractors)

Durham IV / 2 / 2017-11-04

TH, as the French Parliament, would not have recognised the Armenian Genocide

Paris Open / 2 / 2013-04-06

THW replace the state pension with a state disability insurance

North-East German Regional Championships / Open_Semis / 2014-04-26

This House believes that the US and UK should cease selling arms to Saudi Arabia until they withdraw from Yemen.

This House would ban people whose net worth is in more than the 90th percentile from running for office

As of 2013, the individual net worth of the 90th percentile was just under 1 million CDN; as of 2014, slightly over half of US Senators had a net above 1 million USD. Motion: Thi

UBC IV / 5 / 2018-01-20

TH, as the Conservative party, would condemn the portrayal of Romanians and Bulgarians in the tabloids

Reading No-Notes Open / 4 / 2014-02-09

THW remove all non-military sanctions on Iran

UK Debate Challenge / 2 / 2013-11-09

THW ban all youth wings of political parties in developing countries.

Brandeis IV / 5 / 2014-01-01