Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

THB America has no culture

Transatlantic Debating Championships / Open_Semi_2 / 2013-04-10

Motion: THBT universities should never restrict freedom of expression beyond what is already considered illegal by the state

Huber Debates / Novice_Semis / 2017-11-04

THW stop all research into differences between the male and female brain

Warsaw Open / 3 / 2013-12-06

THW give the public the power, via referendum, to pardon whistleblowers.

Estonian Open / Novice_Final / 2014-04-11

THW impose a tax on unhealthy foods

UCL President’s Cup / 1 / 2014-10-10

THW ban the reporting of hostage taking

SSE Riga IV / Open_Final / 2005-01-12

THBT in order for full gender equality to be achieved, all images designed to even slightly sexually attract or arouse the viewer must be banned

Namda Novices / Open_Final / 2012-10-27

THW welcome a UK exit out of the EU

Zeit Debatte Aachen / 5 / 2013-05-10

THBT states should never protect dying languages

Exeter Open / 3 / 2013-03-23

Assuming feasibility, in countries with conscription, This House Would forcibly delete all soldiers' memories of combat situations upon their discharge

China BP / 6 / 2018-10-03