Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

Should same-sex couples receive full adoption rights?

German Regional Championships North-East / Open_Final / 2013-04-20

THBT the European Union should refuse to offer the United Kingdom preferential trade terms - Round 6

NZ Easters 2017 / 6 / 2017-04-14

Given the technology to grant immortality exists, it would be treated as a positive right

UCLA IV 2018 / 4 / 2018-11-10

THW provide free heroin for heroin addicts

UBC IV / 1 / 2013-11-01

THW prevent guilty nations of human rights violations from hosting sporting events

Durham Open / 8.2 / 2014-06-21

THR the shift in the #MeToo movement from victims sharing their experiences to holding public figures to account

Novi Sad EUDC 2018 / Open_Final / 2018-07-30

THW impose a tax on men to reduce the gender pay gap

IDAS Tournament / 1 / 2013-11-29

TH regrets the culture of casual sex.

Edinburgh Cup / 5 / 2016-10-15

THW give the ECB a veto over all national budgets within the Eurozone

UCD Vice-President’s Cup / 3 / 2012-10-27

This House opposes Twitch's decision to ban sexually suggestive content on their platform

Twitch is the most popular live streaming gaming platform globally. Recently Twitch announced that they would ban sexually suggestive content (e.g. attire, behavior, language etc.) on their platform. Motion: This

Novi Sad Open 2018 / 3 / 2018-05-12