Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

THW tear down gated communities in the developing world.

THBT the Mexican government should offer immunity for economic crimes to drug cartels in exchange for not targeting the police, military or civilians

Lancaster IV / Open_Semis / 2012-12-08

THW require all isolated religious communities to give all 18-year-olds a Rumspringa

Budapest Open / Open_Semis / 2013-03-01

THW give men more paid parental leave than women and force them to take it

UCU Open / 3 / 2013-11-29

Should it be a duty to report recognised injustices committed by fellow citizens (Sollen es eine Pflicht geben, erkanntes Unrecht seiner Mitbürger zur Anzeige zu bringen?)

Zeit Debatte Wien / 3 / 2014-03-28

THW allow defendants to choose between a judge or a jury.

Bruder Grimm Cup / Open_Semis / 2012-05-26

TH as a socially conscious prominent management consultant firm would accept cases for foreign governments with ongoing human rights violations

Northams 2020 / Open_Octos / 2020-01-24

THBT juries should be of the same demographic as the accused and victim in each case

Earlsfort Open / 3 / 2013-07-20

THBT stale, pale males still rule

TH approves of the USA's policy of extra-judicial killing of terrorists.

Manchester IV / 4 / 2013-02-23