Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

THW ban anyone with a criminal record worth 2+ years in prison from running for political office

SOAS IV / 1 / 2013-10-19

THBT on balance, the influence of the internet on journalism has been harmful to society

NorthAms (@ NYU) / 5 / 2015-01-23

This house would stop the search for the gay gene

Assumption WUDC 2008 / Masters_2 / 2008-01-01

THB politicians should have a sense of humor

THW criminalise adultery

THW require individuals to use all their wealth beyond USD 5 million for philanthropic projects.

De La Salle WUDC 2012 / 4 / 2012-01-01

THW allow family members of drug addicts to force the addicts to go into rehab

Trivium Debattoernooi / 1 / 2014-05-17

THBT the USA should give South Korea independent control of a nuclear arsenal

Oxford Women’s Open / 2 / 2013-05-10

This house believes that the global Anglican church should split into two churches, rather than maintain a single communion.

York IV / 4 / 2016-01-23

THBT "All's well that ends well"