Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

That African American rap artists have a moral obligation to donate their disposable income to African American low socioeconomic-status areas

Easters 2019 / 4 / 2019-04-18

THW ban dating services built around matching rich men/women with younger men/women

Belgrade Open / 5 / 2014-10-24

It is 1952. Should the Bundersrepublik Deutschland agree to the Stalin-Note?

THBT at least 50% of the Legislature (Parliament) should be appointed by a socially representative random draw from the general population.

Manchester IV / 5 / 2013-02-23

THBT CDA should vote with the ruling coalition if proposed laws satisfy the Senate criteria of redelijkheid (reasonableness, judiciousness, fairness) and samenhang (congruence with other laws) (addendum: instead of for other political criteria)

ruling parties VVD and PvdA hold 79 of 150 votes in Parliament (second chamber), but only 30 of 75 seats in the Senate (first chamber) the CDA holds only 13 seats in the current Parliament, but has 11 seats in the Senate, giving the ruling coalition a majority if they support it. Motion

Rotterdam BP Toernooi / 4 / 2013-01-25

That in times of a global pandemic, standard research ethics should be suspended as long as the subject consents.

Karachi Debate Open / Open_Quarter / 2020-09-05

THW stop romanticizing the 1971 liberation war of Bangladesh

BDC Pro Ams 2017 / 4 / 2017-11-12

THW require a turnout quota be met to legitimize elections.

TH defends that austerity is the solution to the (economic) crisis

THW subsidise banks to disproportionately direct loans to historically disadvantaged communities and individuals

Newcastle Mixed Doubles / 4 / 2017-06-20