Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

THW give citizens the right to change their identities without giving justification

This house would not use images of gratuitous violence as means for political mobilisation

Cape Town Open / 6 / 2015-05-01

This house believes news media in Pakistan, should not invite imans to comment on political issues.

Shahjiwana International Debating IV 2017 / Open_Final / 2017-01-27

TH, as Aljazeera, would have broadcasted the videos of the Toulouse attacks.

Paris IV / 3 / 2012-04-06

TH defends that austerity is the solution to the (economic) crisis

THBT the Irish Political System has served the People well

Irish Times Final / Open_Final / 2014-02-28

NorthAms (@ NYU) / Open_Quarters / 2015-01-23

THBT the governments of developing nations should actively encourage slum tourism

Slum tourism is a type of tourism that involves visiting impoverished areas - usually through a service provided by tourism agencies. Slum tourism is now becoming increasingly prominent in developing nations, including India, Brazil, Kenya and Indonesia. Motion: THB

Leiden Open / 1 / 2014-02-22

THS immigration criteria based around culture - Round 2

NZ Easters 2017 / 2 / 2017-04-14

THW split up banks until none are “too big to fail”

Rotterdam BP Toernooi / Open_Semis / 2013-01-25