Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

TH belives that militaries are justified in directing their troops to use the Hannibal procedure

Ljubljana IV / Open_Semis / 2014-08-15

THBT the use of chemical weapons in a defensive capacity against enemy combatants should not be a war crime.

Brandeis IV / 2 / 2013-12-06

THBT Western Filmmakers should actively oppose China's Film Censorship System

The Film Censorship System refers to the policy of China's ruling party over all forms of media and entertainment, including books, television, film, radio, news media, and social media. In order to enter the influential Chinese Film Market, more and more Hollywood filmmakers and producers have embraced this policy.

Mindanao IV / 5 / 2020-11-28

THW ban religious centers from opening addiction rehab centers

AUDP Parliamentary Debate / Open_Final / 2021-11-20

THBT The death of newspapers and news print media would be a net good

Helsinki Open / Open_Semis / 2014-05-16

THO epidemic sovereignty

Epidemic sovereignty is the principle that all nation-states should have the sovereignty to decide their responses to epidemics (e.g. COVID).

Doxbridge IV 2021 / Schools_Final / 2021-06-26

THW ban the defamation of religious symbols or authorities

Zeit Debatte Munster / Open_Semis / 2012-05-11

THS the political unification of Africa.

Luzon Intervarsity 2018 / Open_Semi / 2018-10-13

THW criminalise adultery

THBT Pope Francis should take radical action to convince Catholics to vote only for political parties who promote redistributive policies.

PEP IV / 5 / 2019-02-22