Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

THBT the EU should suspend Hungary’s membership rights.

Oxford IV / 3 / 2014-11-14

THW make voting compulsory

UCL President’s Cup / Novice_Final / 2014-10-10

THBT protesters should sabotage the Dakota Access Pipeline

Colgate Open 2017 / 4 / 2017-04-01

THW extend the right to vote in Israeli elections to all Jews everywhere, including those who live outside of Israel.

NAUDC (also Hart House IV) / Novice_Finals / 2013-03-11

THBT the world's poor would be justified in pursuing complete Marxist revolution.

Thessaloniki WUDC 2016 / Open_Final / 2016-01-01

THBT western liberal democracies should replace their aid programs with an "effective altruism" tax, and give revenue to the most effective available non-governmental organisations or charities.

Rijeka Open / 2 / 2015-07-28

THBT individuals should pass a parenting test before having children

Vienna Freshers / Open_Semis / 2013-11-08

TH, as the North of England, would violently secede from the UK.

Royal Holloway Open / 1 / 2014-03-16

THW provide financial incentives (e.g. tax breaks) to companies that require skilled labour who hire non-graduates.

Swansea Open / 2 / 2016-02-13

THP the English Rule to the American Rule* *Info Slide: The English Rule requires that the loser in a lawsuit pays the winner's legal fees, and is observed by nearly every Western democracy. In the United States, however, the both sides pay their own attorney fees unless otherwise specified by the judge (this is rare).

2018 Empire Debates / 2 / 2018-03-10