Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

Assuming neither standard is upheld in the status quo, THBT society should aim towards becoming a meritocracy as opposed to a society where people are treated equally regardless of merit.

Hart House IV 2019 / Open_Quarter / 2019-10-04

THW force schools to offer students intensive interaction with different worldviews

Cicero Debattoernooi / 4 / 2012-11-24

This house supports the 'Right to be Forgotten' on the internet.

The ‘right to be forgotten’ is an emerging legal concept that allows individuals to demand that data controllers (e.g. Google) delete data such as search results pointing to past information, videos, photography of them from publicly available sources.

The Karachi Cup 2019 / Open_Semi / 2019-09-20

THW suspend elections in countries with very high levels of government debt

Budapest Open / Open_Final / 2014-02-28

TH, as an emerging democracy, would suppress domestic media providers in favour of international media providers

Yale IV / 5 / 2014-10-06

A zombie infection has broken out, THBT it is morally legitimate to kill uninfected humans to increase your own chances of survival.

DCU Open / Open_Final / 2012-03-23

THW break up big tech

UFMG IV / Open_Semi / 2019-12-20

That we would abolish corporate tax

Cinnamon Scroll 2020 / 2 / 2020-04-10

THBT Carrie Lam should resign

Carrie Lam is the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, elected by an Election Committee. Carrie Lam oversees the HKSAR Government. Prior to her role as the Chief Executive, Carrie Lam worked for Hong Kong’s civil service since the 1980s. She has received some backing from Beijing, since she assumed the role of Chief Executive on issues including Anti-Extradition Bill and the recent National Security Bill, which was met with mass protests.

Imperial IV / 3 / 2020-06-27

That we would prefer the Eric Killmonger plot to the Shuri plot

There are two potential plots for the next Black Panther movie, noting Chadwick Boseman’s recent passing. The first is where Erik Killmonger (played by Michael B Jordan) is brought back to life (in the comics he is resurrected by the Mandarin – but this could happen in a number of ways), has some contrition for previous events (whilst still feeling strongly about supporting disenfranchised black people across the world), and ascends as Ruler of Wakanda, taking up the Black Panther mantle. The second is where Shuri (played by Letitia Wright) ascends and takes up the Black Panther mantle. In both plots, T'Challa would pass away off-screen.

Pop Culture Grand Prix / 5 / 2020-09-04