Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

Should same-sex couples receive full adoption rights?

TH, as the Republican Party, Would Adopt A Political Strategy Of Distancing The Party Away From Trump

KIDA Open / 2 / 2020-11-14

THW not give out separate art prizes (like the Oscars) for men and women

Zeit Debatte Marburg / 3 / 2013-03-22

THW weight the votes of people within demographic groupings to represent the relative size of each grouping within the general population, not just those who vote (Demographic groupings are characteristics such as race, gender, wealth, age)

Helsinki Open / Open_Semis / 2015-05-08

This House Would Ban Religious Primary and Secondary Schools

Oxford IV / 1 / 2015-11-13

THR Lara Croft

SOAS IV / Open_Semis / 2014-10-18

TH, as Iran, would covertly continue developing its nuclear weapons program.

Athens Open 2015 / 5 / 2015-08-28

TH supports ‘direct action’

Political action is activism through a legal route, for example a demonstration, gathering signatures, caucusing. Direct action is activism through an illegal route, for example property destruction/obstruction, sabotage, political violence, assault.

This House would impose a narrow banking regulation

In the status quo, financial institutions use the money deposited by customers (e.g. in a bank account) to make loans and investments. Deposits could alternatively be used to buy government-back safe assets (e.g. treasury bonds), which tend to have the lowest risk of default of all assets. In this debate, an “equity account” would be an account where the financial institution can use deposits for loans and investments. The value of an equity account fluctuates based on the value of its underlying assets. A “narrow banking” regulation is the requirement that all financial institutions back up all deposits with an equivalent value of government-back safe assets, unless customers choose to deposit their money in an “equity account”.

Cape Town WUDC 2019 / Open_Semis / 2019-01-01

THBT sanctions are a good way of implementing democracy