Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

THBT parliamentary ridings and congressional districts should be drawn to maximize electoral competitiveness.

THBT religious preachers should abandon the concept of "Test of God" in preaching to struggling communities.

DSNPD / 5 / 2021-06-05

THBT the gay rights movement should campaign for the abolition of marriage, rather than marriage equality

SSE Riga & LMT IV / 4 / 2012-12-08

THB countries should cease trying to prevent climate change and focus resources on preparing for its consequences.

John Smith Memorial Mace / 5 / 2013-01-28

Assuming Leni Robredo runs in the next presidential elections, THBT it is in the best interest of Leftist political parties in the Philippines to unite to support Leni Robredo rather than fielding their own presidential candidates

The Halycon Debates / Open_Octa / 2020-12-19

THW introduce tax cuts for qualified foreigners who want to settle in Poland.

Should buildings that have been empty/unused for over a year be made freely available for general use?

Zeit Debatte Magdeburg / Open_Semis / 2012-03-16

This house believes that long-distance relationships do more harm than good to people who enter into them

UNSW May Mini / 3 / 2021-05-22

THBT Indigenous/Metis peoples should be guaranteed a middle-class income as reparations for past injustices.

THBT liberal media organisations should actively glorify democratic candidates of color.